This crispy & creative dinosaur is a hungry paleontologist's dream, being made entirely of potato chips. Bet ya can't carbon-date just one!

Potato Chip T-Rex Is Terrifyingly Delicious

Time was, terrifying carnivorous dinosaurs like the poster-lizard for the genre, Tyrannosaurus Rex, spent their days snacking on smaller, weaker creatures... including our cute furry ancestors. Mammals: the original munchies! Times have changed and now the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. One might say; in post-asteroid-apocalypse Japan, T-Rex is eaten by YOU!

Potato Chip T-Rex Is Terrifyingly Delicious

Kudos to Jonelle Patrick of “Only In Japan” for stumbling upon (not literally, that would be crummy AND crumb-y) this rip-roaringly realistic Jurassic Park denizen constructed meticulously from potato chips. Artist Katsutoshi Mutō crisply crafted the tasty tyrannosaur for an exhibition of food art being held on one of Tokyo Sky Tree's lower levels. Sorry, chipaholics, there doesn't appear to be any dip... lodocus. Heh.


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