Catnip may resemble pot in appearance, but not in effect (they tell me). Catnip actually makes cats a bit crazy in a different way; while pot chills you out (so they say), catnip, which has (reportedly) no effect on humans, actually stimulates cats into hurried activity like running in circles, avidly scratching their sisal posts, and generally acting kind of insane.


Skinny Pete's Gourmet Catnip


Some say that cats hallucinate a bit on catnip but, if so, it only lasts for a few minutes. The stimulating effect is from nepetalactone, a chemical in the catnip plant.

Anyway, cats love it! And the fresher, the better.


Skinny Pet's Gourmet Catnip


Along comes Skinny Pete's Gourmet Catnip, a husband and wife's entrepreneurial adventure that started in their garden, where catnip had taken over to the point that the couple was planning to uproot the whole batch and toss it. But then, they got an idea....

Why not exploit it? With folks buying more and more toys and goodies for their pets - the cat market being far behind the dog market - Rich and Lisa Jackson contemplated creating a line of catnip products and bringing them to market.

They did. The Jacksons, residents of Rochester Hills, Michigan, started their company with a beautifully tinned gift set of 3 tins of hand-died organic catnip just ready to drive your cats crazier than a bedbug under your pajama bottom waistband. They named the company after their calico fat cat, Skinny Pete.

No, it's not pot. But Skinny Pete's Gourmet Catnip makes a great gift for a cool cat! And humans who are cool cats can buy themselves some t-shirts from Skinny Pete's clothing line! Buy them here!


via HometownLife