The cute & comfy plush Posture Cat compels proper posture with straight shoulders, an aligned spine and a flat tummy.    

Posture Cat Has Got Your Back At Work, School Or Home

Sitting pretty? You sure will, once you plop a plush Posture Cat onto your lap! This cute stuffed kitty is specially designed to encourage good posture while sitting.

Hours spent hunched over a computer screen can leave one with aches and pains – the direct result of chronic poor posture. By taking up space between your body and the desktop or table top, Posture Cat prevents you from hovering over your work while ensuring your spine stays straight.   

Posture Cat Has Got Your Back At Work, School Or Home

Posture Cat measures approximately 22cm wide by 18cm thick x 40cm tall (8.66” x 7.1” x 15.75” cm) in its standard sitting position. The covering is made from 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane with fluffy cotton filling.

Choose from three variants: Japanese Bobtail (white with brown and black), Tabby (gray and white), and Golden Tea-Tiger! Each sports contrasting facial features and cute toe pads at the end of the arms and legs.

Posture Cat Has Got Your Back At Work, School Or Home

Speaking of arms, Posture Cat's extra-long arms ride up and over your desktop, acting as padded plush armrests. You gotta love it! So will your co-workers and boss: just imagine the looks on their faces as they take in the sight of you and your Posture Cat at meetings, presentations and group project sessions.  

Posture Cat just can't wait for you to stand tall and sit pretty. For more information and ordering information, please visit the product page at OMG Japan.