Post Your Dog’s Photo In Honor Of The ‘Year Of The Dog’

Dissimilar to Americans celebrating the New Year on January 1, the date of the Chinese New Year changes annually. Instead of following the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese adhere to the Lunar calendar when the first new moon materializes between January 21 and February 20.

Dog Years

The new moon phase this year occurs on February 16, 2018. In tandem with that date, the Chinese will usher out last year’s ‘Year of the Rooster,’ while welcoming in this year’s ‘Year of the Dog.’ The ‘DOG’(狗) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals, which appear in the Chinese Zodiac and corresponds to the Chinese calendar.

Dog’s Personality

Those born in a Dog Year are loyal and honest, amiable and kind. They have a strong sense of loyalty. Dog people give unconditional love and will do everything for the special people in their lives.

Before their own interests, dog folks are always ready to help others. When betrayed by the cunning or devious, they will feel hurt versus seeking vengeance.  Due to their loyal personality, Dogs tend to choose a career based on the principle of serving others.

Now, don’t those characteristics mimic those of your ‘actual dogs’ — those you call ‘best friends? Those pooches you are giving a loving home to? Sure sounds like it.

So in honor of this year’s ‘Year of the Dog’ . . .

There’s now a place for your very own dog photos to be represented on Facebook for the whole world to see. It’s easy to do. Just go to ‘Canines Remagined’ and post your favorite pic of your favorite pooch.

This Facebook page is looking for diversity. So if you’ve adopted a rescue or have a well-bred pedigree in your household, post their photos to this page. If you are the pet owner of a Greyhound, a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, a Jack Russell, a Golden Retriever, or one of the popular hybrids like a Labradoodle or Havanese — or the hundreds of others that now exist — post to this page.

There is no charge and your representation is important as 'Canines Reimagined' is seeking a comprehensive portfolio of all breeds before the ‘Year of the Dog’ Ends.

When posting, make sure to caption your photo with  the dog’s name, it’s breed or rescue status, and where he or she resides in the world. This is a global initiative that hopefully will feature canines from everywhere on the planet.

Canines Reimagined

'Canines Reimagined' specializes in art that represents you dog in a new light. Just imagine your 'best friend' as the 'Blue Boy' or seated at a Norman Rockwell dinner table. Sign up for this fun adventure, re-imagining your pooch in iconic art portraits by artists such as Raphael, Goya, Renoir, and hundreds of others memorable works of art.

Or for the more whimsical, dogs can be illustrated in cartoons such as Peanuts, Popeye or can appear as Super heroes such as Wonder Dog, Mighty Mouse, or the Kooky Quartet. Game of Thrones fans can even have their pooches seated on the Iron Throne in 'Canines Reimagined' version of the ‘Game of Bones.’ Award-winning artist Jack Pittman designs these original illustrated parodies.

Just send us a photo to commence the process and let the CR team know if you have specific art in mind, or you'd like them to provide suggestions. Turn-around time on all packages include a hi-rez digital image of your dog re-imagined for the introductory low price of $49. And for all requests made before Valentines Day, as added BONUS, CR will create a coloring book page for yourself or your kids. Great gifts for the young and old. Payments can be made by check or PayPal.


Free Postings & Features Stories About Your Dog on Facebook

Dogs photos posted in CR's ‘Year of the Dog’ portfolio are complimentary.

And, in the spirit of social media, for every dog posted that receives over 25 likes, comments and/or shares, they will receive a detailed write-up in a special feature post created by the 'Canines Reimagined' editorial team. That feature post will include their bio and fun facts about that special pup in your life. Post today here.

Canines Reimagined


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