Old and busted: the Poodle Skirt. New hotness: the Poodle USB Hub! We've sure come a long way since the Fabulous Fifties but although so much has changed, our love for lovingly trimmed French Poodles remains as iconic as ever.

Poodle USB Hub Connects Your Four Legs

Kikkerland is appealing to lovers of both pets and nostalgia with their Poodle USB Hub, a clever design that plays on the fluffy “socks” sported by stereotypical French Poodles. In this case, each sock is a USB 2.0 hi-speed port connected to your laptop or desktop computer via a cord extending from the back of the hub's neck.

The Poodle USB Hub only comes in white, measures 4 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall, and is both Windows and Mac compatible. The little green LED eye lights up once you've made a successful connection. The plastic body is tough enough to take life's hard knocks and wipes clean with a wet cloth... can your pretty primped Poodle say the same?

Poodle USB Hub Connects Your Four Legs

Are you so hip it hurts? Get a Poodle USB Hub and skirt those uncool issues. By the way, if you like Kikkerland's USB hubs but the USB Poodle's not your style, check out their Chocolate and Electric Bolt USB hubs at Amazon.com. (via GeekAlerts, image via apalapala)


*** UPDATED on December 28th, 2018 ***

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