A dog always knows where to find his water when he's at home. On the road, he's not so sure, unless you travel with a water bottle and bowl for him. The Poochable Travel Dog Bottle insures your dog has both clean water and food when he ventures out, and it adds very little weight to your load.


Poochable Travel Dog Bottle

Poochable Travel Dog Bottle


The Poochable is easy to carry and easy to pop into your car when taking your pup for a walk, hike, or trip to the park.

It carries 15 ounces of water and a bit more than a cup of food, in a bowl that unlocks from the bottom of the container.

The bottle has a leak-free removable washer that keeps the water from leaking, and the food bowl clicks securely closed to make sure it stays fresh.

The Poochable even has its own comfy contoured handle so you don't need to pack it into another carrier.


Poochable Travel Dog Bottle

Poochable Travel Dog Bottle


Made of food-safe BPA-free plastics, the Poochable Travel Dog Bottle is best washed by hand. If the 'Industrial Gray' color doesn't suit you, the Poochable also comes in 'Belle Rose,' and 'Palm Springs Sky.'


Poochable Travel Dog Bottle


Don't forget that dogs need water even when it's cold outside. So carry water along with your dog's favorite treats, kibble, or wet food in the PoochableTravel Dog Bottle.


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