There is an age old stereotype that links police officers with the rabid eating of doughnuts. While many officers have been working to change this perception of law enforcement, others still get caught imbibing in this incredible edible. Case in point is Majlo (Milo), a police dog that was caught on camera last week sneaking into a box of doughnuts while at the station. What a naughty dog!

Majlo Sneaking A Doughnut
Majlo Sneaking A Doughnut

Image via WCNC

The photo was tweeted from the Mt. Juliet Police Department in Tennessee along with the message "Well folks, he is officially a police officer. Majlo was spotted getting into the donuts at headquarters."

Now we know the truth. In addition to police training you must eat a doughnut to become an officer. It may be the weirdest, and tastiest, hazing routine ever. The picture of the K9 officer (well, the dog anyway) has begun going viral as it jumped from Twitter to the news outlets.

Majlo's Official Police Photo
Majlo's Official Police Photo

Image via Mt. Juliet Police Department

Majlo is trained to fulfill a number of different functions including building searches, tracking people, item searches, narcotics detection, and criminal apprehension. He patrols with Corporal James Owens in an SUV that has been specially modified to meet his needs while on the job.

I am pretty sure that doughnuts are not a regular part of Majlo's diet. After all he doesn't appear to have a big gut or a double chin. However I do wonder what kind he goes for  -- glazed, cake, cruller, or bear claw? Your guess is as good as mine. I also wonder if they are going to start calling them "dognuts" now in Mr. Juliet.

Sources: WCNC, Mt. Juliet Police Department


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