Mya the K9 School Resource Officer gets top marks for being photogenic as she smiles out from her staff photo in a Little Rock, Arkansas high school yearbook.

Police Dog Makes The Grade In High School Yearbook

They say every dog has its day but not every pooch gets their picture posted in a school yearbook! Then again, “Mya” isn't your average dog. Kudos to Bryant High School for not discriminating on the basis of species and featuring Mya – a two-year-old Belgian Malinois dog – alongside other staff members in Bryant High School's 2018-19 yearbook.

Mya, accompanied by handler Sergeant Paul Tarvin, took up duties at Bryant High last autumn. She's been trained as a narcotics K-9 specializing in tracking and article recovery. Naturally, Mya has her own Instagram page at mya_hornetk9.  

Police Dog Makes The Grade In High School Yearbook

No amount of training will get a dog to pose this photogenically, however... that's all on Mya. The camera-hogging canine appears to smile as the school photographer snaps the shot, captioned as “Mya Tarvin, K9 School Resource Officer”, in this year's issue of the yearbook.

The Bryant Police Department is justifiably proud of Mya, posting “So it looks like one of Bryant PD's finest School Resource Officer's made the Hornet Yearbook this year,” at the department's Facebook account. “Good job Mya, you are representing the PD with pride... Hornet Pride!!!”