Moist air is a 'bear' necessity during dry winters and the polar bear mini natural humidifier adds soothing vapor via natural evaporation.

Polar Bear Mini Natural Humidifier

This cute mini natural humidifier from Strapya World Hamee of Japan is in the form of a polar bear, an arctic species threatened by global warming. It's only natural, therefore, that this humidifier works on the principle of evaporation and contains no moving parts. Nor does it run on electricity – our polar bear pals would surely approve!

Polar Bear Mini Natural Humidifier

The body of the humidifier is cast in the form of a thoughtful polar bear, kneeling and holding a fragrant Japanese citrus fruit called a mikan. It measures 130mm tall by 85mm wide and 76mm deep (5.1” by 3.4” by 3”) and is made from pottery-grade ceramic. An included tray tinted forest green measures 90mm by 90mm and stands 14 mm high (3.55” by 3.55” by 0.55”).

Polar Bear Mini Natural Humidifier

The Uruoi Series of mini natural humidifiers has proven to be quite popular thanks to  cute minimalist design, complete eco-friendliness, and extreme ease of use. Simply pour 100ml (about 3.5 US fluid oz.) into the figure's interior through a recess molded into the back. That's all there is to it! Natural evaporation will infuse welcome moisture into the room's air – the drier the air, the faster the water will evaporate.

Order your polar bear mini natural humidifier direct from Strapya World Hamee at the online product page. It's priced at 1,260 yen or about $11.30 each, plus shipping.


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