If there is one thing that little girls adore (besides their daddies) it
is horses. In fact many little girls are absolutely crazy about them.
For those little girls a Plush Pony Fancy Pal is just the perfect gift
and a friend for life.

 Plush Pony Fancy PalPlush Pony Fancy Pal

This diminutive horse comes complete with a magical pink purse to live in and to make it easy and rather chic for its little human to carry it around for all those special occasions. It is a great way to make sure she has some cuddly emotional support at all times. I think my grandparents would have been happier with this than they were with my insisting my teddy bear also have a booster seat at the restaurant!

Plush Unicorn Fancy PalPlush Unicorn Fancy Pal

Now some girls aren't that into pink and prefer their ponies with enchanted forehead extensions. For those little ladies there are lavender unicorns in lovely lavender bags. One way or another, those young women can have their pony passions met -- and it certainly is cheaper than buying a real pony (or unicorn). They are also a lot easier to clean up after.

To order a Plush Pony Fancy Pal, click here. To order a Plush Unicorn Fancy Pal, click here.

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