This story has everything a fan of a certain vintage TV crime drama would want: a deputy named Ponce, a bag of, er, ChiPs, and a happy ending for all of the characters.  

Plump Pig On The Lam Lured Back With Trail Of Doritos

“1-Adam-12, see the man...” Wait up, wrong TV series. This twisted tale involves the men and women of the San Bernardino County (California) Sheriff's Department seeing a pig the size of a miniature horse. Confused? You won't be, after this episode of... Corn ChiPs!

Police blotters are generally boring reads but that all changed when the call came in about an enormous black & white pig roaming through a residential neighborhood. The SBCSD sent out a black & white of their own to investigate. It didn't take long to find the suspect swine, which isn't surprising. On the other hand, to quote the Department's Facebook entry, “Deputy Ponce (we kid you not) and Deputy Berg found him and due to previous calls, knew where he lived.” Just what the heck is going on in San Bernardino County??     

Plump Pig On The Lam Lured Back With Trail Of Doritos

But we digress, or at least pause for these commercial messages... aaand we're back. So, what's a pair of deputies to do when confronted by an oversized rogue porker with a bad attitude? Same thing they'd do if called to round up an aggrieved Walmart shopper: lure the perp back home by laying a trail of corn chips! And yes, there is video.

Indeed, it was an unusual situation that called for an unorthodox plan of action... and as luck would have it, one of the deputies just happened to have some Poppin Jalapeño Doritos packed with her brown-bagged lunch. Success ensued! “We were able to put him back in and secure the gate,” explained Deputy Ponce. “It was fun!” Well, maybe for the pig (nicknamed “Smalls” by the deputies) but someone missed out on their hot & spicy snack that day. No doubt her squad car partner mouthed a silent “thank you”.