What? Me smell?


Wall Outlet Sanitizer/Deodorizer

Wall Outlet Sanitizer/Deodorizer


No sweetie, it's not you. It's the air around you... full of bacteria, germs, and other gross stuff we want to get rid of... not you.

If you're the pet owner who prefers to get rid of bad odors rather than cover them up with some other odor, than the Wall Outlet Sanitizer/Deodorizer is for you. This device removes odors  by destroying the bacteria that causes it.  Not just for pet odors, this device dispels all kinds of odors found in kitchens, nurseries, bathrooms by killing the bacteria and viruses that create them. It even kills airborn mold spores.


Wall Outlet Sanitizer/Deodorizer

Wall Outlet Sanitizer/Deodorizer


The device has an A 2-watt fan that draws air into the sanitizer, as you see above. Inside there is a UV-C light that kills mold spores and virusespreventing them from replicating and spreading odor and disease. "The device eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria, including E. coli. It emits no ozone while it runs and contains no filters that need cleaning or replacing." There is only a UV-C bulb (size LB1000) that you may need to replace every 6 - 8 months.

Put this in your nursery to keep your children disease free, or at least limit their exposure to airborn germs. Keep cooking odors at a minimum in your kitchen so not everyone on the block will know you've cooked fish, and maintain your privacy by plugging one into your bathroom wall.

Does the area around your dog's bed stink?


GermGuardian Plugable Air Purifier & Sanitizer


This short video says it all....



How do you like that USB port?

You can purchase this miracle worker in white at Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee. You can also purchase the GermGuardian (manufacturere's name) on Amazon in white or onyx. 


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