Dobie Helps Dad Wash Harley
Chopper helping his dad (image via YouTube screenshot)


Usually when it comes to chores our pets just sit wistfully by watching us with idle curiosity and hoping that we’ll get to them next — at least that’s the way it is with dogs. They normally just want to be a part of everything we do. With dogs, even attention earned from naughty or bad behavior is better than no attention at all. That was apparently the case with a frisky Doberman who just wanted to play when his dad was trying to wash his motorcycle.

Odd Animal Behavior

For some reason, hoses just set some dogs off. The curious thing is that often the animals have never been teased or taunted by someone with a hose. Instead, the first time they’ve ever seen water spraying out of the end of a nozzle they just lose their minds and lunge at the spray. No matter how many times you try and discourage them, they’re back at it. While we may look at it as a nuisance, they look at it as fun.

Water Dogs

Recently, J. Newberry posted video footage on YouTube of his dog, Chopper, “helping” him wash his other chopper. J. was in the backyard with his two Harleys attempting to wash them down when Chopper either decided to get in on the act or thought it should be his time to play. Some people may look at the video and claim that the dog was agitated, but that’s not the case. Chopper couldn’t be happier, although J. was probably getting over it, himself. But that didn’t dissuade Chopper one bit. Check the video out for yourself.

Working Animals

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