Tiny indoor sandboxes began with those little Zen gardens that consisted
of nothing but sand, a few rocks, and a tiny rake. From this toy we
were supposed to gain peace and relaxation on the road to enlightenment.
Time to step up that game with this Doggie Day Camp Play Set.

Doggie Day Camp Play SetDoggie Day Camp Play Set

The box measures 10" x 10" and comes with a 20" x 20" play mat that goes underneath to catch any and all sand spills. You still get a little rake for grooming the sand, but instead of rocks you get six dogs, a house, a dog bed, and all the "trimmings." These dogs will be well-cared for with their own food and water dishes, grooming tools, pooper scooper, and toys. Get one to keep on your desk at the office that will be the envy of all of your coworkers, or get one for your favorite child to play with.

To order a Doggie Day Camp Play Set for your favorite dog lover, click here.

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