A squirrel with a serious case of the munchies was caught chowing down on a trashed slice of pizza at a California hotel pool. The ravenous rodent showed neither fear nor shame as it nibbled away, surrounded by human guests who had to pay for their food and drink – who's the dumb animal now, hmm?     

A short video recorded at the scene and uploaded to ViralHog's YouTube channel is captioned “Hotel in Manhattan Beach at the Pool. A squirrel dug a piece of pizza out of garbage and climbed onto a chair and ate it!” Did the fur-bearin' varmint observe the 5-Second Rule? Don't bet on it. And by the way, who throws out a perfectly good slice of pizza? Honestly!

Pizza Squirrel Shamelessly Snacks On Squandered Slice Poolside

The incident, which occurred on August 10th of 2018 at an unnamed hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA is not the first recorded instance of wildlife pigging out on junk food – far from it! Aficionados of pop culture may recall the celebrated New York City “Pizza Rat”, a video of whom went viral (currently over 10 million views) in September of 2015.

Last but not least, did anyone consider that pizza may not be a squirrel's ideal food? What if he (or she) was lactose-intolerant? It's safe to say squirrels didn't evolve the ability to digest dairy products. Then again, maybe it's best to trust animals' natural sense of what is and is not edible. Who knows, maybe the pizza-eating pipsqueak has a nut allergy. 


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