One California family is very grateful to Sasha, a beloved eight-month-old Pitt Bull, who saved their lives from an encroaching fire.

It all happened just a few months ago in Stockton,California. Flames engulfed two apartments within four small buildings. According to the dog's owner, Nana Chaichanhda, Sasha was outside the house and suddenly began banging on the back door. Nana let her inside, but she wouldn't stop barking. This behavior was out of character  for this normally quiet, sweet dog. (See: Abigail The Pitt Bull)


Sasha As a Puppy

It was literally  at that moment  when she looked out the window and saw that her home and one other were both on fire.  She raced to her cousin's house across the street, but no one was home. Running back to her own unit, she saw Sasha  trying to save her 7-month-old baby girl , Masailah. She told the press: "She already had my baby by the  diaper and was dragging her off the bed. I was like, Oh my gosh, what are  you doing?" (See: Pitt Bull Rescues Humans and Five Dogs  From Fire.)

Sasha's Warning Saved The Entire Family

Firefighters responded quickly and put out the flames. It ended well as far as human and animal lives are concerned, but the two units that caught fire were condemned and all four buildings remain without electricity.  Caring friends created a Go Fund Me  account to help defray relocation costs. Nana and the baby found a new home, but dogs are not permitted. A relative has temporarily adopted Sasha and the two come to visit her all the time. The dog's love for the baby is overwhelming and Nana is hopeful that one day they will all be together again. "I owe Sasha everything," she said. "If it wasn't for her, I would have been asleep and things could have taken a worse tun." (See; Kilo The Pitt Bull.)


Pitt Bull With Infant

 Nana admitted to the press that she had her reservations about adopting a Pitt Bull with a baby in the house because of the reputation that has unfairly been attached to them. But the puppy won their hearts and they showered it with love and affection. Every day, Pitt Bulls reveal their loving  character as devoted family pets who when socialized properly,  are extremely affectionate and would give their lives to protect their families. (See: Pitt Bull Takes Bullet For Owner)

Good job, Sasha!

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Source: HonestToPaws