Lilly is an amazing Pit Bull with an undying loyalty to her owner. She saved Christine Spain from a terrible and certain death on the tracks of an oncoming train.

We All Have To Get Over The Pit Bull's Unfair Reputation

Socialization, patience and kindness are key factors in the evolution of healthy adults, whether they are human or animal and walk on two legs or four. Pit Bulls have been demonized in the media because of how they have been abused and trained, but they make loving and loyal pets when treated with love and  given the chance to shine. (See: Abigail The Pit Bull.)


Sweet Lilly
Sweet Lilly

Meet Brave and Loyal Lilly The Pit Bull

A few months ago, 8 year-old Lilly and her owner were crossing some railroad tracks and Christine Spain tripped and fell, hitting her head. The blow knocked her  to unconsciousness, and when the engineer of the freight train traveling through Massachusetts saw the dog and the woman on the tracks, he was horrified. He tried, but know instinctively that there  wasn't enough time to bring the giant train to a halt. When he felt the dreaded "thump," he knew he had failed. (See: Lucca: A Dog For All Seasons.)

But Lilly had begun the daring rescue the moment she saw the train approaching. She started to tug at her mistress in an attempt to wake her up, and when that didn't work, she pulled her off the tracks  using her teeth. She herself was hit and her injuries were life-threatening. This animal's loyal, loving and valiant spirit pulled her through and she saved her owner, but lost one of her front legs as a result. (See: Guide Dog Helps Blind Man Off Subway Tracks.)


Lilly The Heroine
Lilly The Heroine


Lilly Was Herself Rescued And Merely Returned The Favor

An animal control officer rushed Lilly, whose leg was bleeding profusely, to a nearby emergency animal hospital. Spain's son, Boston police officer, David Lanteigne, met them in a nearby parking lot before the animal was brought inside. It was he who had rescued Lilly three years ago,believing she would make a perfect therapy dog for his troubled mother who suffered from depression, alcoholism and severe anxiety for many years. he said: "The first thing I saw were those big, beautiful eyes just looking up at me, and then I noticed that her right front paw was severely damaged." Filled with dread, Lilly let him know that she was okay.  "I saw her wagging her tail right then." (See: Cat Takes Bullet  Meant For Three-Year--Old.)


Lilly With Offcier Lanteigne
Lilly With Officer Lanteigne

Lilly Helped Her Owner Face Her Demons

According to Officer Lanteigne, the dog was his mother's life and she doted on Lilly, even defrosting packets of green beans and cutting them up and adding them to Lilly's food. The dog gave her a reason to live and the courage to face her drinking issues, which were crippling her life and well-being. He said: "We saved Lilly and Lilly saved my mom's life. My hope is that this story is going to get out and show what Pit Bulls are truly about. I hope by Lilly going through this, other dogs  will get permanent homes." (See: Half Breed Wolf Saves Elderly Couple From Snowstorm.)

Lilly underwent two surgeries at the Angell Animal Medical center. Steel plates were implanted to repair her fractured  pelvis and support her left leg. She carries her long scar where her right front leg was amputated with pride and dignity. Perhaps this valiant dog can teach us humans a thing or two about bravery. (See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

 Brave Lilly!

 Kudos to you!

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