hero dog 2017
Hero dog Abigail (image via Bonnets for Abigail)


Meet Abigail, the beautiful pit bull that was rescued off the streets of Miami in such deplorable condition she wasn't expected to make it. Not only did she beat the odds, this sweet girl has gone on to become the face of doggy fashion and found herself the winner of the American Humane Society's 2017 Hero Dog of the Year. It's been a long road from barely surviving to completely thriving, but she's become a symbol of inspiration for many.

Love is Fur Ever

Thanks to animal activist Victoria Frazier, who founded the Florida-based non-profit Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, Abigail was whisked off to Pets First Wellness Center for lifesaving care after Frazier spotted Abie on a Facebook post depicting her plight. There she received skin grafts to her face and wound therapy for what was left of her almost nonexistent ear. Veterinarians still aren't sure if her injuries were as a result of dog fighting practices, but the tattered remains pointed to just that.

Fashion Statement

During the dog's convalescence, Frazier made note of the fact that the frequently changed bandages on Abie's head looked almost like a bonnet of sorts. It was then Frazier decided to go out and purchase some fashionable headbands to place over the dressings for a snazzier couture look. Soon images of Abigail with her fashionable head attire began to make the rounds on the Internet and she became a bit of a sensation. It was then that materials began to arrive for more headbands.


hero dog 2017
Abie in another cute 'do rag   (image via Bonnets for Abigail)

A Fur Ever Home

Seven months later, Abigail had regained enough strength to be adopted out to a fur ever home. Her new parents, Megan and Jason Steinke, recognized in her something beyond a sweet but badly abused pit bill. They saw in her a survivor who could help rehabilitate the image of pit bulls in the public's consciousness. Frazier felt strongly about her, too. So much so, in fact, that she entered Abie in the Hero Dog contest.

American Humane Society

Of the seven finalists selected for Dog of the Year, Abie went on to take the top honor. "I think Abigail touched so many hearts because she suffered through so much, yet in every part of her life exemplifies gentleness and forgiveness," American Humane president Robin Ganzert was quoted as saying. "So many of our hero dogs overcame great odds to do good things for others, even when they themselves were in need of help."

Star Studded Extravaganza

On September 16, 2017, Abigail's name was announced as the winner at a star studded event in Beverly Hills that included celebs like Vivica Fox, Danica McKellar and Daisy Fuentes, all animal lovers themselves. If you'd like to see the ceremony for yourself, the Hallmark Channel will be televising the two-hour special next month on October 26. As a closing thought, Abigail's favorite charity is Dogs on Deployment, if you'd like to contribute to its support.

Source: Today