Police in Vancouver's gritty Downtown Eastside district were shocked to find a pigeon's nest constructed from used drug needles in a rundown hotel's bathroom sink.

Pigeon Nest Made From Used Drug Needles Highlights Canada's Opioid Crisis

To be fair, natural twigs are few and far between in the concrete jungle but the fact that a mother pigeon could scavenge enough discarded syringes to make a viable nest truly illustrates the severity of the opioid crisis plaguing Canada's big cities.

The photo showing a trio of eggs dating from May 3rd of 2017 was snapped by a Vancouver Police officer who was inspecting a vacant room in a “single-resident occupancy hotel”. Vancouver Police Superintendent Michelle Davey tweeted the  photo, captioned “Pigeons spotted making a nest out of #needles in a #DTES SRO room. Sad reality of the #opioidcrisis #fentanyl #frontline #notstaged.”

“The picture was shared with the public to show the reality of drug use in the Downtown Eastside,” explained Sgt. Randy Fincham to CTV News, “and to provide a rare glimpse into the lives of first responders, health-care providers and others involved in the opioid crisis.”