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When the purpose of a veterinary research group is to make medicine more convenient for pet parents and more tolerable by companion pets, that must be applauded. Such is the purpose of Piedmont Animal Health.

Its most recent achievement is a patent for the formulation of injectable, long-acting bacterial antibiotics that would be administered by your vet - just once! Unlike your usual routine, you would not have to pill your pet for 5 to 10 days after the injectionJust one long-acting injection will do the trick!

I can hear you sigh and shout "Finally!" because you no longer have to wear cat scratches on your hands and face for a week or clean up your dog's barf after you force feed him a powdery pill. (Yes, I know that pill poppers are available, but that doesn't mean your dog is stupid!)


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This news is good for pet parents, but great for your pets, because studies show that the rate of compliance for continued pill administration by pet parents is not high, particularly among cat owners. 

Not completing a pet's prescribed regimen "...can lead to recurrent infections, additional prescriptions of antibiotics and ultimately contributes to the current worldwide crisis of antibiotic resistance." (source)

Piedmont Animal's long-acting injection contains a Macrolidea class of broad-spectrum antibiotics used in treating common bacterial infections. Macrolides include drugs like Clarithromycin, Azithromycin, Fidoximycin and Erythromycin, although Piedmont has not disclosed which formulation is used in its new injectable.

Piedmont Animal has had many firsts. Check them out on the Piedmont Animal Health website. Then, check with your vets to see if they are utilizing this company's advancements in their practices.


Piedmont Animal Healthvia WRAL TechWire