Piano-Playing Pig In A Blanket & Other Farm Animals in CA Fires

"California Wildfires" in the news are running as rampant as the fires themselves. But often when human lives are at stake, there is very little talk about the animals that may also be in jeopardy. In fact, the entertainment tabloid TMZ would never write such a story, if it weren't for the the fact that one of the hundred or so farm animals running for their lives is an entertaining pig [in a blanket] who can play the piano.

Agricultural Farm running at full occupancy

According to TMZ, approximately 200 animals have been evacuated to Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Farm manager Marcie Sakadjian runs an agricultural program where displaced farm animals have reached capacity at her internment facility.

Pierce College partners with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. Ever since the most recent round of Getty fires broke in Simi Valley, they have been taking large and smaller animals who are seeking asylum.

The college is housing these critters in 3 large barns, in addition to some makeshift pens. Students, staff and volunteers are laboring 24/7 to feed and take care of the animals. The good news is the displaced are showing up in fairly good health, with no repercussions from the raging fires.

A Pig named Romeo

Along with the goats and alpacas, a pig named Romeo arrived with a blanket and a piano. Apparently true to his name, Romeo is making his fellow refuges swoon with his unique brand of music. He appears to be getting jiggy with his new gig.

Romeo is a 15-year-old potbelly piggy. His owner tells TMZ, in a edition to the piano, he is pretty good on the tambourine as well.

A Pig named Thimble

While I couldn't download the TMZ video of Romeo getting down on his keyboard, I was able to locate another potbelly piggy named "Thimble" who is dubbed the "world's most talented pig." While I think Romeo would take issue with that moniker, at least it gives you an idea as to how a porker can become a virtuoso.


Fortunately Thimble is nowhere's near the fires in California. Let's hope that Romeo is also safe and sound and able to tickle those ivories for days to come.


Primary Source: TMZ