This handsome fellow is a German Shorthaired Pointer. This intelligent and active dog breed was bred to hunt. That being said . . .

German Shorthaired Ponter

When I was in my teens my stepfather adopted one of these incredible dogs and named him Chip. He was one of the dumbest dogs ever. He never did learn to hunt, but when I would take him out for a walk he would find a stiff old rabbit carcass and want to take it home. Or try to chase ducks in the middle of a frozen lake. He kept getting loose to go visit a cute little Irish Setter one block over. Fortunately my best friend worked at the Humane Society and I would get a call and go spring him for free. Today is Kite Flying Day and it reminded me that one of the best days we spent together was when I tried to teach him how to fly a kite. Of course it didn't work.

God, I loved that dog.

Image via Pup Home

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