We've been scoping out dog swimsuits and their models all spring and, finally, on the official first weekend of Summer, we're ready to announce the 10 winners of PetsLady's Illustrated Dog Swimsuit Contest! The top dog swimsuits are winners in 10 categories, including Best Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny- Weeny-Pink-Polka-Dot Dog Bikini, Geekiest Dog Jammers, Best Butt Dog Jammers, and If You've Got It, Flaunt It Dog Bikini. Here they are:


Dog Swimsuit 1. Prettiest Southern Belle Dog Swimsuit


The Polka Dot Dog Bikini and Hat are the perfect suit for frilly feminine dogs, modest but so sweet. This pup's so adorable I can't stand it! Available from Modern Tails in many sizes!


Dog Swimsuit 2. Move Aside Surfer Dog Jammers

Not just for Boxers, the boxer-style jammers are the best all around male dog swimsuit we found. They're called Board Shorts, intended for surfing, of course, or just hangin' around the yard lookin' cool. Look good for any water sport too! Designed by Pampet, the Board Shorts are available at Posh Pet Glamour Boutique.


Dog Swimsuit 3. Best Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Pink-Polka-Dot Dog Bikini

Okay, so it also comes in turquoise blue! Isn't it as cute as can be? The top of the bikini is tube style -- imagine that, a dog in a tube top -- pants are barely there with a tiny skirt, and included, of all things, is a drawstring dog backpack. Polyester and spandex material in several sizes, the bikinis are available at Modern Tails (turquoise and pink ).


Dog Swimsuit 4. Best Show Off Your Butt Dog Jammers

Designers Zack & Zoey made these cute sports trunks with a nautical touch. All cotton jersey, they cling to show off your dog's butt. So, if that's appealing, these are for him! Available from Posh Pet Glamour Boutique in extra small to extra large.


Dog Swimsuit 5. Shapeliest Girl Dog Swimsuit

Here's a lovely fitted one piece suit from Zack & Zoey, this one Lycra. Nice and clingy, this leopard print suit has spaghetti straps and a belt and ruffle at the waist. It also has an opening at the bottom so your classy girl can go potty. Available at Amazon in XX Small to Large.



Dog Swimsuit 6. Geekiest Boxer Dog Jammers

Red peppers are hot but this poor pup doesn't look that hot in them. The baggy-butt jammers are not right for every dog, certainly, but great for one with a tail, who may have to take a leak once in awhile, as the Chili Pepper dog shorts are compliant. Geeky dogs get in line! Hat sold separately at Puppy Coat Junction. (Actually, I think these are kind of fun, and I bought a similar pair of boxers for my hubby not long ago!)



Dog Swimsuit 7. Sweetest Puppy Dog Swimsuit

If your puppy is a summer baby, and female maybe, she'll make a splash in this Summer Baby Puppy Dog Swimsuit from Happy Tails Pet Boutique. Salmon-colored, the suit has sailboats, anchors, and whales adorning it, and a big yellow ruffled collar. Sized for extra small to extra large.



Dog Swimsuit 8. If You've Got It Flaunt It Dog Bikini

This stunning little string bikini looks its best on a dog that can strut her stuff, and this dog takes to her bikini like a Brazilian! What aplomb! The Red Hawaiian Bikini Panties are cotton and elastic and have special features for puppies (or for that time of month). If you're not on the Riviera or other topless beach, you may want to purchase the lace trimmed top . At Modern Tails in all kinds of sizes!

Dog Swimsuit 9. Best Unisex Dog Bikini

Well it's a bikini, but it's blue, and it's rather asexual. And there were not many dog swimsuits that fit this category. And I liked it and the sparky little dog with the sunglasses perched on his head who's wearing it. All that being said, this is Bandana Blue Hula Hound Dog Bikini, available at Waggin Wear.

Dog Swimsuit 10. Best Surfer Girl Dog Bikini


Also from Waggin Wear, comes this very cool surfer dog bikini with a modest top and full skirted bottom -- one of the few bikinis made especially for surfer gals. This is the sunset red version of the HulaHound Dog Bikini.


Dog Swimsuit 11. Special Bonus: The Best Après Surf Dog Shirts


Swimming, surfing, hanging out at the beach. Whether your dog prefers surfing on a raft in the pool or on a real surfboard in the ocean, the Hawai, the land of the surf, lives on après surf in the AlohaWear Dog Shirts from Waggin Wear.



Hope you enjoyed viewing our 2008 Dog Swimsuit Issue. The winners were just some of hundreds of stylish one-piece, bikinis, and jammers available at on-line pet stores. We were partial to those modeled by real dogs, as it's always nice to be able to visualize how dog clothing would look on your own dog.


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