Oh, I'm not accusing Newt Gingrich of being abusive to animals. Heavens no!  What's abusive, not to mention totally ridiculous, is that his campaign has put up a website for Newt supporters to post their pet pictures and have campaign slogans coming out of their pets' mouths!  It's worse than using babies to further one's campaign!

Wait... Callista's written a book for them. 

If voters are going to vote for you because you have a special website for their pet photos, that's one thing.  But speaking for your dogs?  All I can say is, these folks are lucky their pets don't know what they're saying!

Gidget Olson, Palm Desert, CA: image via petswithnewt.comGidget Olson, Palm Desert, CA: image via petswithnewt.com Here's Gidget, for example, such a cutie...

"My family and I support Newt," they have her saying, "because we want someone who is smart, creative, and
has experience in the White House. I think Newt has the right solutions to
protect me and my family and help put America back on track."

Does Newt have any specific plans to protect pets?  If so, I hope I hope it includes a plan to Keep Pets Out of Politics.

And Gidget... whoever is writing your material is neglecting the fact that Newt doesn't have 'experience in the White House."  That candidate is Obama.

Well, by the time you get to the Pets With Newt 2012 website, I'm sure someone will fix Gidget's mis-speak. Funny how folks just aren't that careful when it comes to putting words in pets' mouths.


This column is not political, but it does support Keep Pets Out Of Politics!



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