Pets Getting Smarter With Smart-Products

The new millennium has thrust us into an era of some interesting digital technology which not only affects us humans, but also our furry and feathered friends. Pet technology connecting pets and parents is growing exponentially. Smart pet products attend to safety, connectivity, convenience and peace of mind.

By the numbers . . .

Pets are bona fide members of our families in 85 million households. This stat represents 68% of all households in America alone.  “Most pet owners are already using smart devices, so it’s not surprising that they would turn to technology to stay more connected with their pets throughout the day,” said David Sprinkle, research director of Packaged Facts.

Packaged Facts just released a research study of the $4.9 billion durables dog and cat pet care products market, which includes toys, collars, leashes, beds, carriers, bowls, feeders, apparel, fashion, litter boxes -- and as we've noted -- the growing smart-pet product market.

As pet tech remains a small portion of the total pet durables market with sales of $565 million in 2018, it is growing rapidly, up 11% from 2017. As more pet owners understand how technology can enhance their pets well-being, it is a segment poised for even faster growth in the future.

Its increaae is forecasted to reach $1 billion by 2023. But David Lummis, senior analyst at Packaged Facts feels that projection is conservative, expecting the category to benefit from “fairly significant tailwinds from pet food and vet services.”

Tech connects pets and owners digitally . . .

Smart pet-products create an durable bond even when pet parents are away from home. PetChatz' products offers two-way audio and visual connections to allow pet parents to monitor and interact with their pets when they out of the house.

Described as “digital daycare for the home alone pet,” it is a solution for separation anxiety, both for pets and their parents. A study conducted by Zulily, notes that the vast majority of millennial pet parents (84%) are overtly concerned about their pets, when they are separated from their furry and feathered friends.

Tech for play . . .

A happy pet can be motivated to play by technology as well.

CleverPet Hub is described as “the world's first game console for dogs,” but it is also adaptable for cats. The device’s touch-pads light up and make noise as pets solve puzzles. When they respond correctly they are rewarded with a treat.

Designed by what is described as “animal-loving cognitive scientists,” the software can be set to the various difficulty levels with times adjusted to keep the pet involved and motivated.

Peace of mind . . .

As pet owners, we all would like our pets to live long and enjoyable lives. Innovative smart-pet devices offered by these and other companies make achieving that goal obtainable in the 21st Century.

“Health-focused durable pet products will remain at the leading-edge of the humanization and premiumization market trends, which can be exploited in myriad product types, including pet wearables and ‘smart items’ such as litter boxes and beds,” Lumis concludes.

Primary Source: Forbes