PetPals Small Cat Tree

Section of PetPals Small Cat Tree (screenshot)


If you own a cat, you've seen a lot of cat condos, and you probably have one or two in your home.  Well here are a few of the ones I think are exceptionally cool...

These are two of Pet Pals' newest models demonstrated in this short video:




1. PetPals wood three-level cat tree with chocolate and ivory covered perches


PetPals wood three-level cat tree

PetPals wood three-level cat tree


Isn't this gorgeous?

This PetPals wood three-level cat tree is a fun cat tree with surprises! It boasts bare wood (particle board, actually) in a unique shape, and a wood turbo toy!  Aside from this cat tree being a unique and stunning design, how great for the cat!

This is the first cat condo I've seen with a turbo toy as a feature.  Too bad for my cat, this PetPals cat tree is intended for kittens or small cats. The overall dimensions of this tree are 17" L x 17" W x 37" H.


2. PetPals Ace Four-Level Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger


PetPals Ace Four-Level Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger

PetPals Ace Four-Level Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger


PetPals does an amazing job with paper rope, using it everywhere it can and making it look so smart!  This is a great and stylish condo for a small cat - 10 pounds or below. Despite the general dimensions of the condo (L: 27 x D: 19 x H: 49 inch), the top basket is, reportedly, small, and the whole condo may be unstable for multiple large cats, according to customers. But little kitties and small cats love the Ace Four-Level Condo and the materials used are very cat-friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

Check out these dimensions carefully before purchasing:


PetPals Ace Four-Level Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger



3. PetPals King Cat Condo

If you like the style of the PetPals Ace Four-Level Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger, above, but don't want a large condo, the stylish black and white rope basket and hideaway is also available in the PetPals King Cat Condo, seen below:


PetPals King Cat Condo

PetPals King Cat Condo (27 x 19 x 49")


4. PetPals Queen Contemporary Condo

Or, if you just want a good, stylish hideout, try the PetPals Queen Contemporary Condo with teasers (shown below).  (Was this design inspired by a lamp?)


PetPals Queen Contemporary Condo

PetPals Queen Contemporary Condo  (18 x 18 x 29")

PetPals recommends the above condos for cats 15 pounds or below, but cat parents seem to suggest the above condos might better suit smaller cats and kittens. Again, it's worth it to check out the measurement before you buy.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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