Pet carriers are something that all pet owners need. Whether you just use them for taking your furry friend to the vet, or whether you are always traveling, pet carriers are necessary for transporting your pets. When it comes to choosing a pet carrier, there are two kinds: soft sided, plush carriers, and hard plastic carriers. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Luckily, Petmate has come up with a carrier that has the best features of both soft sided carriers, and hard plastic carriers.

Petmate Curvations Luxury Pet CarrierPetmate Curvations Luxury Pet Carrier

Some of the advantages of hard carriers is that they are very sturdy and stable providing lots of security for your pet. They are also much easier to clean if your pets have any accidents while in the carrier. The disadvantages of them is that when not in use, they are much more difficult to store and some pets are attracted to chewing plastic and will chew right through it.

When it comes to soft carriers, pets tend to be much more comfortable inside them, and they are much easier to store as you can literally fold them away, but if your pet has an accident, it is going to soak through and likely absorb into the fabric before you can ever get home to clean it.

With this carrier by petmate, it is a perfect mix of both hard and soft carriers. To assemble the carrier, you zip the three pieces together. Likewise, when you want to take the carrier apart, they can zip flat together and can easily be stored. You see the carrier assembled, and zipped flat in the picture below. 

Petmate Curvations Luxury Carrier- FlatPetmate Curvations Luxury Carrier- Flat

Even though this carrier can be stored easily, it is still very sturdy like a hard carrier, so your furry one will feel very secure. When I received this carrier I had it for the intention of using it with my cats, but the box said it was for dogs. After talking with petmate, I was assured that this product is safe for both dogs and cats. The weight limit is 5-15 pounds on this carrier, so it is geared for your smaller pets.

There is a pad that comes with the carrier to go inside for your pets to lay on. The pad is removable and washes very easily with no problems.The bottom of the carries has feet that allows the carrier to stand up with no problems, also making the carrier sturdy. 

This carrier comes in lots of fun patterns. The one pictured above is called zebra. They also have the fun pattern pictured below in pink.

 Petmate Luxury Curvations Carrier-PinkPetmate Luxury Curvations Carrier-Pink

I highly recommend this carrier. It is a great option for any pet owners and is sure to keep your pet happy and safe. This product is coming from a well known brand like Petmate, so we know that this carrier is going to be up to par and ready to perform when needed.

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