If you don't have a dog or a cat, you should buy this cooling blanket anyway - for yourself!

PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket

PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket in cool gray and cool brown


You may have recently seen cooling blankets for humans online and in major department stores. The particular cooling material that's woven into cooling blankets and cooling clothing was created by researchers at Stanford University in 2016. What they invented is a process for making a polypropylene (PE) fabric that, when slid between two layers of other fabric, like cotton or nylon, allows the fabric to "breathe."


PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket 

PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket 


The researchers' goal was to create textiles that would compensate for external high temperatures, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning and other costly means of cooling. The luxurious texture and light-as-air weight of the PetFusion Cooling Blanket is created with a layer of cool PE fabric placed between two layers of (the silkiest) nylon to make a very cool blanket - all the time. And the Cooling Blanket can be machine washed and dried on gentle cycles.


PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket

It lets the heat out and the cool in: PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket


I ordered the PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket; it arrived, and (I couldn't help myself) I stole it from my dog. I purchased the extra largeso at 46 by 60 inches, it would be big enough for me just in case my dog didn't like it.  (Why is it that I'm finding such comfortable products for dogs that I myself envy? Example.)

It wasn't long before my Edie started sleeping on top of the blanket, which was on top of me. Apparently, she also found it cool, lightweight, and luxuriously silky. But with Edie on top of it, my light-as-air blanket became 40 pounds heavier. 

So I gave the Pet Cooling Blanket to Edie.... She's a very furry, active pup who gets overheated more than I do, after all. When she's huffing and puffing, I lay the blanket on top of her favorite bed

Here she is cooling off her snout in the Pet Cooling Blanket....


PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket

My dog Edie on the PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket


Even though it's not summer, we and our pets still get overheated, whether it's from exercise, heavy clothing, or too high a thermostat. Your dog will appreciate this Premium Pet Cooling Blanket on his bed, your bed, the floor, the sofa, the car... wherever you place it.


Premium Pet Cooling Blanket

PetFusion Premium Pet Cooling Blanket


Oh, yes, cats love this blanket too! It comes in small, medium, large, and extra large!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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