PETFECT Door Scratch Protector

PETFECT Door Scratch Protector


You can usually tell if a dog or cat lives in the house by the scratch marks on the inside or outside of the front door. If you are more familiar with that family home, you will no doubt see those scratch marks on other doors too.

Our pets are impatient when they want something, and we love them so we close an eye to their 'markings' of intolerance. And that little bit of impatience is nothing compared to what happens to your doors if your dog has separation anxiety! I know; I had a little silky terrier who not only scratched my wood doors, he bit off chunks of wood from the doors.

If you've tried some of the door protectors on the market, you may be disappointed in their performance. Many of the plastic and vinyl door plaques on the market don't adequately cover your doors or don't stay in place. But I really like the PETFECT Door Scratch Protector and you can use it for all doors that your pets scratch.


PETFECT Door Protector

PETFECT Door Scratch Protectors scan also be used on counters and furniture.


Most dogs and cats will scratch near or below door knobs because they learn fast how the door gets open, but in their anxiety, they may scratch or bite anywhere on the door. The PETFECT Protector is a flexible but strong polycarbonate plastic - 35.5" x 24" - that can be used to cover any part of the door that needs protection, inside or out. And if that's not large enough to protect the door, you can purchase a 2-pack to cover more.


PETFECT Door Protectors

PETFECT Door Scratch Protectors can be purchased in a single or double pack.


Because the PETFECT Door Scratch Protector is flexible, it will fit over door molding and other molded surfaces. You can also cut the Protector with a large scissors to accommodate another surface, something that can't be done easily with a rigid acrylic surface.


PETFECT Door Scratch Protector


Another neat feature of the PETFECT is that when company comes over, you can remove it easily from your now scratch-free door!


For other sizes and shapes of PETFECT protective items, check here.


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