Petcube Devices Get Alexa Upgrades

Petcube’s original 'Bites' smart treat dispenser and 'Play's' pet camera [with a built-in laser pointer] were great for pet owners who couldn’t always hang with their pets 24/7. But the manufacturers of these devices have gone a few steps further to upgrade both products.


Both devices are much more versatile now that they're both powered with Alexa. Both the Bites 2 and Play 2 can hear and respond to Alexa requests, with a four-microphone array.

Their new wider angle lens has expanded to a full 180-degree from the previous 160 degree view of your home, providing pet parents a greater opportunity to locate their pets.

With the Bites 2, you can launch a video call and chat with your pet, while allowing you to remotely dispense treats to your 'best-friend,'  as you speak, allowing you to reinforce award-enhanced learning

Alexa also allows you to use the pet cam as a 'smart speaker' for controlling home devices.

Founder says . . .

"Petcube products are perfect assistants for busy pet parents," says Yaroslav Azynyuk, CEO and co-founder of Petcube. "Our mission is to connect pets to the Internet and give them a voice. These new products are smartphones for pets, robotic nannies, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. And with features like 180º Digital-PTZ and Alexa built-in, they are simply some of the best home cameras available, period. That's how the future of Pet Care looks like."

For the low, low price of . . .

The $249 Bites 2 and $199 Play 2 offer a ton of value in just the image and build quality upgrades over their original incarnations, and their basic features are probably plenty enough for doting pet parents. But the addition of Alexa makes these both much more appealing in my opinion, since it essentially bundles an Echo in each device at no extra cost.

Primary Source: Petcube


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