Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

If Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was alive today, he would be beaming with pride to learn how PetChatz updated his classical conditioning research from the last century. It was then his behavioral observations determined that dogs could be triggered to salivate by what he called a "conditioned reflex," where when a bell or metronome was sounded accompanied by a food presentation, the dog would drool.

There's a lot of spy-cams and web cams on the market today that can monitor your favorite furry or feathered friends at home, at boarding kennels or even in zoos. But none can match the work done by the developers at PetChatz in taking remote communication to another level -- simply by adding the Pavlovian twist.

According to their online promos, PetChatz allows you to "greet & treat" your pet anytime anywhere. And if this two-way communication wasn't enough, you can also personalize their device to emit certain scents.

The wall monitor can be installed in any electrical socket, conveniently at the pets’ eye level. Once connected to the home's WiFi network, owners can then make Skype-like calls to their pets using a special ring-tone, via a web-based or mobile interface. The two-way video can transmit recorded video clips as well allowing pet owners to dispense special treats while releasing special ‘Scentz’ from scent pads, customized to the animal’s favorite smells.

According to spokesperson, "pet safety was our number one design parameter - the small, sleek, chew-resistant, low-profile unit makes PetChatz ideal for pet safety and durability - and, It takes just minutes to set up and create memories that last a lifetime."

Backed by a one-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee,PetChatz®, PetChatz Treatz®, PetChatz Scentz® Pads and PetChatz Scentz® Calm Drops will be available for $349 at their online store. Or, you can pre-order your PetChatz and products today to be among the first pet parents in the land with  your very own skype-like-treat dispensing-smell-o-vision device.

Yes, Pavlov would have been proud, since from birth he apparently was destined for this unique type of research, less why would his parents have named him what they did - Ivan "Pet"rovish Pavlov!