PetChatz two-way pet communication system
PetChatz Two-Way Pet Communication System (image via PetChatz)


Anybody who’s ever had an anxious or destructive pet knows only too well how nice it would be to be able to check in on them now and then when you’re away. They say kids say the darndest things, and it’s true, but it’s unchaperoned pets that do the darndest things. All you have to do is look up “dog shaming” on the Internet and you can see thousands of examples of naughty pets confessing their sins such as “I eat Kleenex boxes as soon as my parents leave the house” or “I eat rugs and carpets when no one is home” or “I dig in the trash when mommy’s gone.” While the posts are pretty hysterical, coming home to the mess is not. PetChatz might be able to help with that.

PetChatz Interactive Video System

PetChatz is a complete interactive communication system that provides pet owners two-way audio and video contact with their four-legged friends from virtually anywhere, at any time. It’s similar to another product that came out a while ago called PetCube. They basically give you a chance to spy on your pet while you’re away and speak to them. It’s kind of like Skype for pets, only the PetChatz system also allows you to play games and give out yummy treats as a reward — when you’re not yelling things like “bad dog!” or “no, Pepper, no!” and other assorted reprovals.

Comfort & Security

Peace of mind is another benefit of devices like these. Dogs with separation anxiety might feel better seeing and hearing you a few times a day in between naps. There’s even a feature called PetChatz Scents that gives users the option of spreading a “special aroma” around every time you connect with your pet. The formula is said to be “specifically designed to be safe and calming for your pet.” I’m not sure what it’s made of, but for the sake of argument we’ll assume it’s not pet chloroform. The wisdom behind these products is obviously that if your pet is calmed by your apparent nearness or assumes you’re nearby, and therefore can’t get away with anything, their behavior will improve.

Teaching Pet Tricks

One of the coolest features of the PetChatz system is that it offers the opportunity for your pets to call you when they want to. If you just did a mental “huh?” then let me explain. With the help of a small external unit called the PawCall, you can train your pets to dial you up for a little face time and idle chitchat whenever they feel the need. All they have to do is step on it or place their paw on it and apply a little pressure. Here’s the thing, though: once they get the hang of it, do you really want them ringing you every time they’re bored? I mean, once the novelty’s worn off, it could get a little old, not to mention be detrimental to your job. But some people will love this idea.

How it Works

The PetChatz products are all said to be manufactured in the United States. That includes their pet treats, camera units, and housing. Everything is made locally in the Midwest, if that’s important to you. The housing, by the way, is rounded with no corners to grab purchase on and chew. The devices can be hung at pet eye level or placed in a stand. The system works through an app and a smart device, such as a phone or a tablet. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, you can go to the PetChatz official Website and order one today. You never know, this might just be the thing you’ve been looking for to avoid your own dog shaming photos.