Raindrops keep falling on my pet... no more! The rather blandly named Pet Umbrella is just what you and your raincoat-hating dog have always wanted. The Pet Umbrella is made by Lieben, a Japanese "direct wholesale umbrella manufacturer specializing in cheap price high-quality generic products!" - or so they say. The umbrella is made from transparent plastic that allows you to see what your pet's up to while preventing your pampered pet from feeling claustrophobic.


Pet Umbrella Keeps Your Canine Companion Covered

The design of the Pet Umbrella is more common sense than a product of applied ingenuity: sort of like a regular umbrella that you point down rather than up, with the shielding part reversed. The end of the umbrella also features an attached adjustable-length leash to keep Fido or Fifi from straying from the circle of dryness. 


Pet Umbrella Keeps Your Canine Companion Covered

The Pet Umbrella is shaped a little strangely - more oval than circular when open. It measures 42cm (almost 17") long from grip to tip, and when unfurled the "dome" is 70cm (28") by 52cm (21"). Keep the leash short and most medium to small pets should stay mainly dry in all but the heaviest weather! You can order the Pet Umbrella from the product page - the listed price is 1,980 yen (about $21.50) including tax.

Update: The pet umbrella is now available in the U.S. here.  It even comes in a cute umbrella and coat set.


*** UPDATED on December 25th, 2018 ***

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