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Pet Tunes and Ultra Calmer by Pet Acoustics


Scientifically proven to reduce stress, pet music has come into its own with Pet Tunes by Pet Acoustics. Years of study of the sounds that stress animals and the sounds that soothe animals led Pet Acoustics to compose and record music for animals.

When Pet Acoustics first developed a speaker for dogs, cats, and horses, the brilliant device removed sounds in human music to make it soothing for your pets.  "My Pet Speaker" converted your music into music that your pets would enjoy too.  That device was $250!

Now, for about $50 you can purchase a tiny Bluetooth speaker filled with 90 minutes of music specifically composed for dogs, cats, horses, or birds called Pet Tunes. And each speaker can be programmed for up to about 8 hours of music with continuous play. The memory card, a 1GB Micro SD Card, can be replaced, of course, with music of your own, or other pet music you may already have in your library. I have recorded birds in my backyard early in the morning and hooked a Pet Acoustics box up to my phone to play real bird sounds for my parakeets indoors.


Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes


No, the units are not all the same. The Pet Tunes dog music is different from the cat music and the horse music and the bird music. They are all different from each other. Each of the musical selections are geared to the frequencies that can be heard by each animal and by the tones and relative volume of the sounds.

"The science behind Pet Acoustics products is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities. Providing ideal sonic environments for pets is a natural and profound method that minimizes stress and balances behavior. The results are measurable and repeatable."  source


Pet Acoustics animal pitch levels


These recordings have had documented success in calming animals and are supported by veterinarians.  The music is based on the studies of its founder, one of the first researchers in species-specific music, Janet Marlow.

Whether your pets are naturally skittish or have suffered a trauma or periodic scares from thunder, neighborhood road work, yard work, car, truck, or train noises... If you have an adopted pet... or you've moved... or you have a new pet in the house...  All these things that animals just don't understand or appreciate make them nervous, stressed, and sad.

And then, there's you going to work or away for a few days.  That's even worse; even if you leave a substitute person to take care of them, it's stressful when you are away.

You know what I mean. You've witnessed stress in your pets.

Here is a short video of a Pet Acoustics' tech explaining how the Pet Tunes works:




A portion of the music your dog might hear on the Pet Tunes Canine....


Pet Tunes Canine


In addition to the Pet Tunes Canine, Pet Acoustics also makes an Ultra Calmer Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar. This clip-on collar with speaker holds three hours of dog-specific music. Placed at the back of a dog's neck, between his ears, the Ultra Calmer creates calm without a lot of volume.  It might, for example, be placed on your dog during a thunder storm.


 Ultra Calmer Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar

Ultra Calmer Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar


Here, a horse owner and trainer describes how her horse learned to relax with Pet Tunes Equine before training:


Pet Tunes Equine


Natural bird calls and chirps are the music our avian pets listen to.  I play it for my parakeets who were withdrawn when a human came into their room until I played the Avian Pet Tunes; now they chatter all day long whether I'm around them or not. They even eat out of my hand now.


Avian Pet Tunes


And kitty cats, who basically have a fear of anything new, also have a special Feline Pet Tunes.  Here's a very upbeat tune from the selection.


Feline Pet Tunes


Pet Acoustics products are well reviewed by pet parents. The little music boxes do their job in calming and relaxing pets. Pet Acoustics makes it more convenient with their Pet Tunes and Ultra Calmer devices.


That's the buzz for today!

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