If your doggie’s nails are clacking on the floor like a four-legged tap dancer, it’s time to clip them! Let me tell you exactly how to get the job done:

"Trim what now?" -Molly Muffin"Trim what now?" -Molly Muffin

Although Molly Muffin here doesn’t appreciate having her nails clipped, it is always a good idea to keep them trim as unkempt nails can lead to getting them caught in the carpet, walking discomfort, nail cracking and other preventable ailments. The easiest way to set up small dogs like her for the quick grooming procedure is to position her comfortably on a level and well-lit surface in front of you.


Slip the metal ring shape of your nail trimming tool over the tip of a nail and position it far below the quick. It’s easy to spot the pinkish quick located in the upper center part of the claw for dogs with brightly colored nails, but if you have a Yorkie or any other dog with black claws, you’ll want to take smaller clips to keep from accidentally cutting into the quick.

Don’t freak out if you accidently cut too much, as your dog will already be unhappy and bleeding a tiny bit from the nicked nail. Apply some styptic powder directly to the center of the freshly cut nail and the bleeding will immediately stop. Reassure your canine pal with extra love and if the dog is too freaked out to continue, give yourselves a little break before finishing up.


Face the trimmer’s blade away from the dog’s foot and squeeze the device to lop off the overgrown claw tips. Note that each claw should only need one single clip, it’s usually easier to begin with the dog’s back feet and be sure to cut the dewclaws!

"Thanks for the peanut b- I mean 'trim!'" -MM"Thanks for the peanut b- I mean 'trim!'" -MM

It might take a few times before you and your dog can completely cooperate with each other for a successful nail trimming, but with some determination, patience and yummy reward treats, it’ll quickly become part of your normal routine. Even if Molly doesn’t like to have her nails trimmed, she’s learned that she’ll get tons of love and some delicious peanut butter once it’s over! Good luck, everyone!

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