Pet Tails: Cat Daddy Soothes The Savage Feline

"My Cat From Hell" is an Animal Planet TV show, which has gained popularity over the last 8 years. Having premiered on May 2011, it stars Jackson Galaxy, 53, a cat behaviorist by day and a musician by night. Armed with more than 15 years of experience, he brought a proven training program with a goal to help cat owners find the source of conflict with their four-legged-furry-felines.

Cat Daddy

According to a post in the Post Gazette, "Jude is a nice and normal house cat during the day, but at night he bites his owners as they sleep in their bed."

Consequently Jude became a reality star on the show. Jackson Galaxy, the self-proclaimed “cat daddy,” fearlessly confronts cats who frequently draw blood, where majority of these examples are caught on camera.

“I cannot count the number of times I’ve been bitten and scratched. I get more beat-up on the show than I do in real life,” he said in a telephone interview from Ecuador.

Half the battle according to Galaxy is never to flinch or show fear when dealing with aggressive cats. Described in press materials as “an animal advocate and cat behavior and wellness expert,” he travels the world to spread his “Cat Mojo” philosophy and to “educate people about cats and deepen the human and cat bond while reducing the number of animals that end up in shelters.”

Bad Behavior can be corrected . . .

"My Cat From Hell" programs showcases some of the worst cat behavior ever filmed. In one case, one cat nearly tore off the tail of another cat residing in the same house.

But Galaxy believes these behaviors can be counter-corrected. More typically in his 'Cat Pawsitive Program,' he works with shelters and rescues to teach employees and volunteers how to reinforce good behavior.

He gets his “fix” playing with cats, but he is the first to note there are no quick fixes for bad kitties. He and his crew are known to visit each home at least three times. The work days are 10-11 hours for each session. He works with cats and their owners, assigning “homework” that the pet owners have to complete before follow-up visits.

Fixes you can do?

On his show and in videos on his website, he demonstrates his teaching-lesson techniques, using feathers and other toys.

Mr. Galaxy’s tips are found in his books, two of which are best-sellers. The latest is “Total Cat Mojo.” But he gives away a lot of free advice on the website too.

One good tip which most cat-owners still haven't learned deals with 'over-petting.'

“People are over-petting,” says Galaxy. “Overstimulation is the main reason people get bit by cats. It’s physiological. They cannot take being petted over and over again. ... it fills them with a sort of static.” And who wants to be electrified?

Primary Source: Post-Gazette




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