An Oregon woman's aural-ible experience proves once and for all that stretched earlobe piercings and pet snakes don't always mix.

Pet Snake Gets Snagged In Woman's Pierced Earlobe

“Sorry I can't hear you, I've got a snake in my ear,” Oregonian pet-owner Ashley Glawe could have, would have and should have said when she answered her phone one late-January day.

The Portland woman had no need to paraphrase a Monty Python sketch as she actually did have a snake in her ear – her gauged right earlobe, to be exact. Sure it sounds funny to us but just imagine if YOU were in that situation... what would you do, besides freak out?

Pet Snake Gets Snagged In Woman's Pierced Earlobe

Being a calm, cool and collected person who by all accounts got along well with Bart,  her pet Ball Python, Glawe hurried over to her local hospital emergency room for treatment.

According to hospital staffers who THOUGHT they'd seen everything, Bart was resting on Glawe's shoulder when something spooked the critter, who then darted into her gauge-stretched earlobe. Problem was, Bart gets wider as his body gets longer and once stuck, snakes can't reverse gear as their scales angle backwards.

Pet Snake Gets Snagged In Woman's Pierced Earlobe

Doctors quickly assessed the situation and swung into action, numbing Glawe's earlobe with some local anesthetic and gently stretching the skin until Bart wriggled free.

Neither patient was injured by the procedure and both have made full recoveries though Glawe's dignity took a bit of a hit: after posting photos and an explanation to her Facebook page, the post went viral and at press time has been shared over 33,000 times. (via UPI and FOX News)