Who believes in making treats easy to get? Where’s the fun in that? The pet snack launcher will provide incentive and transform even the most stalwart four-legged couch potato into a ball of energy, chasing those treats that can fly up to twenty feet away! Miles Kimball created this spring-loaded gadget which cleverly combines play-time, exercise and eating into a positive interactive experience between pet and owner.


Dogs and cats of all sizes and shapes respond to the pet treat gun and can be entertained for hours by the “go fetch” aspects of its operation. The plastic treat launch doesn’t require any batteries and is so easy to load that your pet could probably do it. All that is required is a simple twist motion that opens the top. Of course, if your pet can learn to activate the launch who would chase the treats around the room? Take one guess.

The pet snack launcher comes with its own carrying cord and is 6 x 4 and a half inches. It is a unique product, for it is a toy as well as a pet feeder and exercise prompter. Who knows the depth of inspiration this pet treat launcher could inspire? Maybe your pet will show some future interest in rocket science?

Who can say?

In the meantime, in between time, buy the pet treat launcher at Amazon.com and enjoy hours of fun with your pet!

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