pet peek window
Pet Peek from the outside looking in


When dogs can’t see what’s behind the noises they hear they tend to get freaked out. That’s when all the barking begins and stress levels rise, for both you and your pet. Nothing is more annoying than relentless barking when there isn’t really anything to get riled up about. But dogs, that want to protect their families, don’t know that. In their minds they’re acting appropriately. Once they see for themselves the danger has passed, or was never really there to begin with, they settle down. That’s where a Pet Peek window can come in handy.

Pet Peek Window

A family-owned business in Colorado has created a product for canine owners to install along fence lines that allows pets a view to the world outside their own backyards. The clear bubble-like porthole helps sate curiosity when mounted at pet eye level, giving them a clearer picture of what’s going on beyond their domain. Made from durable acrylic, the 9.5” dome installs in most any fence in 15 to 20 minutes, with the right tools.


pet peek window

Home Pet Products

According to the manufacturers, the easy DIY product can be installed in wood, vinyl, drywall and other materials. Pet Peek windows can also be used for kennels, tree and playhouses, or other projects where a clear view is required. The packaging includes non-corrosive hardware, simple step-by-step instructions, and an ABS trim ring that doubles as a template for marking the window’s proper placement.

Pet DIY Projects

The tools needed for installs are fairly minimal. They include a jigsaw for cutting the hole, a crescent wrench, a drill and a pencil. Pretty simple. But not everyone owns or wants/knows how to operate a jigsaw, so you may need to hire a handyman, if you don’t feel up to the task. If you think a peek-a-boo porthole might help with incessant barking when your dogs are in the backyard, you can check out Pet Peek windows on sites like Amazon, or visit the company’s website, where you can also view their helpful installation video.

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