Witness for the parrot-secution? An African Grey Parrot from western Michigan is playing the stool pigeon by er, parroting a murdered man's supposed last words.

African Grey Parrot, Bud

Whomever shot 45-year-old Martin Duram at his home in Ensley Township, Michigan, likely figured they'd committed the perfect crime as there were no witnesses to squeal to the fuzz... or were there? According to Duram's ex-wife Christina Keller, who assumed custody of Duram's parrot, the bird repeatedly squawks out “don't (expletive) shoot” in a voice that sounds chillingly like that of her late ex-husband.

Don't believe us? Check out this audio/video recording of Bud the parrot appearing to recount Duram's final, frantic words over and over again... creepy doesn't begin to describe it! For the record, Duram was shot five times in his home by an unknown assailant in May of 2015. His wife at the time, Glenna Duram, received a head wound but recovered. Martin Duram was not so lucky.    

Pet Parrot Parrot's Murdered Man's Last Words

Though the case is still under investigation, prosecutors have little to go on other than declaring Duram's fatal injuries “were not self-inflicted.” Geez guys, he was shot FIVE times, any birdbrain could figure that out! As it happens, a certain birdbrain who was actually at the scene of the crime seems eager to play stool-pigeon.

African Grey Parrots are famed for their high level of intelligence and their ability to mimic human voices, qualities that make them popular pets... and witnesses acceptable by a court of law? “I'm not aware of any legal precedent for that,” commented Newaygo County Prosecutor Robert Springstead. Besides, mused Springstead, when a judge asks a parrot to raise his or her right hand, “are you raising a wing, a foot?” C'mon, Springstead, don't chicken out: either put Bud on the stand or enter him into the Avian Witness Protection Program – why not both? (via The Detroit News, ITV, Christina Keller)