Pet Park PetZoom Pet PottyPet Park PetZoom Pet Potty I've resisted getting an indoor potty for my dog.  But the weather was just horrible lately, and he sooo did not want to go out in it.  After many previous experiences ended in home 'accidents,' I finally broke down and bought a Pet Park PetZoom Indoor Potty and now I realize why I should have done this a long time ago. 

The Pet Park potty consists of a tray, a grid, and a synthetic grass mat.  Wanting to train my dog as quickly as possible, I sprayed the 'grass' with Simple Solution Puppy Training Aid to help him get the idea.

My dog is six; not a puppy.  So it was a bit of a challenge to get him to use the Pet Park.  I put the potty near the front door, so that he would associate the potty with going for a walk, and I put his leash on to lead him to it.  I also took a bag of his favorite treats 'on our walk.'

Within a week - it was still cold and rainy - he got the hang of the PetZoom and would go there on his own when he needed to.  Eventually, the sun came out and I moved the PetZoom into the garage, where I hope to train him to go the next time he refuses to go out.

For a puppy, the PetZoom would be a great house-breaking tool, a breeze compared to pet pads
or newspaper.   The consistency of the synthetic grass seems to be a curiosity to a dog, whether or not it has a 'certain' fragrance.   Once she learns to use it, the Pet Park could remain the 'go to' for her lifetime when the weather dampens her desire or you can't get home before her bladder explodes.

Yes, it can smell bad, but you need to clean it often, after every use, if possible. Pour the urine in the toilet or outside on the grass, and then immediately rinse every layer with warm soapy water.  Don't let the urine build up in the tray or your dog will be making pee footprints all over the house. (This should not happen anyway, as the tray holds a gallon of fluid.)  Obviously, you would not want to leave feces standing on the PetZoom very long either...

That's the buzz for today!


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