You may have heard of LifeGem Memorial Diamonds, diamonds created in a lab from the ashes or hair of a loved one.  It's a lovely idea for people who have lost a beloved pet and want an everlasting memorial of their animal to keep with them always. Unfortunately, with a price tag of $2500 for a very small 0.15 carat stone and up to $20,000 for a carat stone, this memorial is out of budget for many people. 

Having recently lost a very beloved dog, I started searching for a more affordable way to keep him close to my heart.  I loved the idea of a LifeGem pendant, but the price for even a small LifeGem diamond was out of my reach.  Fortunately, a bit of research led me to some designers who create glass crystal memorial jewelry for a fraction of the cost.  These options create custom glass crystal into which ashes of your loved one are encapsulated.  Of course, this is different from a diamond, but still provides beautiful jewelry and objects memorializing your pet that you can enjoy for years ot come.  Here are some businesses and artists I have found offerring beautiful keepsake jewelry.

Ashes into Glass - Ashes into Glass in Essex England provides a beautiful variety of pieces, including rings, pendants, earrings, and paperweights.  Their pieces are available in several beautiful colors and can be set in sterling silver or 9 carart gold.  Prices range from about 195 pounds (approximately 300 US dollars) to 495 pounds (appox 750 US dollars) depending on the item selected and the metal desired.

Eternity Crystal
-- Eternity Crystal offers a large selection of jewelry options for both men and women as well as glass gift items such as bowls and an eternity candle holder.  They are located in Somerset England and have gifts ranging in price from 199 pound (aproximately 300 US dollars) to 560 pounds (approx 850 US dollars).  

Edge Art Gallery - Edge Art Gallery offers a variety of memorial glass objects including bows, vases, touchstones, and simple glass pendants.  Additionally, they offer custom pieces for which you can add unique designs and color patterns of your choosing.  Small pieces start at $100 and custom pieces start at $350.  Their focus is more on glassware than jewelry, and they offer very reasonable prices to fit any budget.

Pet Cremains In Glass
- Pet Cremains in Glass is located in Ohio and offers jewelry, glass memorials, glass flowers, and ornaments.  In addition to pendants, this company also creates bead charms for Pandora and similar bracelets from your pet's ashes, offering a unique option that one might combine with other charms that hold meaningful memories of your pet.  Prices range from $130 to $310 depending on the size and intricacy of the piece.

In addition to encapsulated custom made jewelry and glassware, there are a variety of  pendants and other jewelry available that have a hollow center into which you can place a bit of your pet's ashes yourself.  Typically called cremation jewerly or urn jewelry, there are hundreds of beautiful designs available.  Onenecklace
I particularly like is customized with a laser engraved photo of your
pet. These pendants can really capture your pet's personality since they
can display any photo you think best captures your pet's beauty and
spirit.  The pendants are created by Memorial Gallery Pets and retail for $199.


If you wish to have a beautiful item containing a piece of your pet, consider cremation jewelry.  WIth so many options to choose from, there is something available to suit any taste and budget.  It is a lovely way to keep a small bit of your pet's physical form close to your heart always.

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