When generic pet shampoo just won't do... the line of Pet Heads, Only for Cool Dogs! shampoos and conditioners just might fit the bill. Let's see.. we've got Feeling Flaky, Dirty Talk, Life's an Itch... So many shampoos, so little time...

Tigi Haircare has a great thing going for human hair with its Bed Head and Catwalk products. The company's marketing program is terrific. Non-toxic, natural ingredients, recognizable bottles in bright colors, product names as fun as they are descriptive, and a wide reach of products in each grooming category that individualizes its brand.

Tigi's applied its marketing formula to its year-old pet brand, Pet Heads, and it seems to be working very well with customized shampoos and cream conditioners.

Pooch have itchy skin? Try Pet Head Life's an Itch with oatmeal, aloe vera, tea tree oil and all kinds of proteins and vitamins... and a passion fruit fragrance! How about Dirty Talk pet shampoo for your filthy dog with baking soda and ordenone to neutralize that stink! If his wondrous odors (that only you love) should return between shampoos, you can treat him with Poof! deodorizing spray.

I'm sure my pup would appreciate a Quickie, which washes off quickly so he doesn't have to stand around shivering too long. Hmm. Tropical Guava Bouquet fragrance. Fears for Tears, no-tear shampoo, Feeling Flaky for dry and sensitive skin ... what about Dry Clean, a waterless spray, kind of like a French bath? It has the scent of a blueberry muffin (?).

Then, there are the conditioners, both very rich in natural oils, and proteins. There's So Spoiled (is she ever?) for short to medium coated dogs, and Furtastic for curly and long-haired dogs.

While we're on the subject of curly haired dogs, Pet Heads has a detangler called Fur Ball, which is ideal for those stubborn tangles and matted hairs that seem to be more prevalent in winter.

I have to admit to trying a few of the Pet Head products on my own cool dog (the Fears for Tears, Furtastic, and Fur Ball). I'm very pleased, but he hasn't said one way or another... he just hates to get bathed.

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