The Ketori Pet Hair Collector efficiently picks up shed pet hair while its bold, minimalist look earns it a place in any modern home décor scheme.

Ketori Pet Hair Collector

OK, so “Pet Hair Collector” isn't exactly something you'd want on your resume but you will definitely want one in your home... presuming you have furry pets, mind you.

Sold under the OPPO brand at online specialty retailer OMG Japan, the Ketori Pet Hair Collector is truly minimalist in both form AND function. The rounded cone is made from soft rubber and has no moving parts to break down or break, period.

Ketori Pet Hair Collector

To use the Ketori Pet Hair Collector, simply scrape it softly over any fabric surface where pets have shed hair. Before long you'll have accumulated a small ball of fur. Then, squeeze the tool to open it's “mouth”, chomp that furball like a champ, and continue scraping away until your furniture is pet hair free. This short video from OPPO shows the stylish and efficient tool in action.

The Ketori Pet Hair Collector comes in your choice of three colors: medium orange, teal blue, or concord grape purple. It measures 8.7 cm long by 6.7 cm wide by 6.2 cm deep (), and weighs a mere 52 grams or just under 2 ounces. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the English language product page at OMG Japan.