If you thinking making clothes out of human hair is weird how would you feel if I told you humans are making clothes from their pet's fur? It isn't much different from using sheep's wool or natural animal fibers from Alpaca, Angora, Llama or Camel. Right? Danelle German doesn't think so.

Danelle German is a professional cat groomer from based in Simpsonville, South Carolina. She started a business called Catty Shack Creations as a means of reusing beautiful cat fur instead of throwing it away. Her inspiration came when a friend of Danelle's asked her to clip her pet's hair so that it could be spun into yarn.

First the pet is thoroughly washed to make sure the fur is clean and tangle free. Then the pet is shaved. Many pet owners have their pets shaved to help their pets survive the hot summer and to help make it easier for the owner to keep their pets well groomed. The fur is then collected and cured for a few days. The hair fibers are then carded, spun into yarn and finally knitted into handbags.

Watch the cleaning, spinning and knitting process on this YouTube Video.

"Each handbag is embellished to reflect the natural beauty and personality of your pet".
If you don't have a pet it isn't a problem. Catty Shack Creations can still make you a handbag even if you don't have a pet or just don't want your pet shaved. All you have to do is contact Catty Shack Creations via the website and order one. If you're a dog owner and would like a handbag made from your dog's hair that's okay too. Catty Shack Creations also creates Dog Hair Handbags. The handbags prices range from $45 to $300.

What do you think about this innovative way of recycling pet fur? Are you an Ewwww! Or an Awwww! person? What if the fur were knit into sweaters, mittens, socks, hats or scarves? Would you were it?
If you think about it, some people think it's a good way to immortalize your pet, when your pet dies. It beats taxidermy.

If you really like the idea, but want more options check out Pet Yarn Chic. You can join them, pay a fee and send in your pet hair so they can make yarn out of it for you. Or you can go to Amazon, buy Knitting With Dog Hair and take a stab at doing it yourself, step by step. Also take a look at these amazing pictures from Erwan Fichou's Dogwool collection.

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