We like to look into new products and their creators, and I've just learned that the inventor of Shed Be Gone, a new deshedding tool for dogs and cats, is a truck driver who had an idea for a tool to keep his dog's fur from getting all over his house and, no doubt, his clothes and his truck cab. Shed Be Gone recently hit the market and customers love it. Why not?  If used as directed, it promises to reduce shedding by 90 percent!


Shed Be GoneShed Be Gone


Shed Be Gone is a deshedding tool for shedding dogs and cats with fur two inches or longer, essentially long-haired pets. If used twice a week on your pet for 15 - 20 minutes each time, Shed Be Gone claims to reduce your pet's shedding by 90 percent. The device is durable and sturdy, but lightweight. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The non-slip Shed Be Gone handle is made of durable PVC rubber and the stainless steel blade comes with a cover for storage. Check out the ribbed grip on the underside of the handle.


Shed Be Gone non slip handleShed Be Gone non slip handle


It has a stainless steel blade and has a blue, bone-shaped, hair ejector button to easily remove the fur from the razor.


Shed Be Gone fur ejectorShed Be Gone fur ejector


Amazon customers rave about the Shed Be Gone; many have written it's the best deshedding tool they have used, commenting mostly about the lack of fur around the house since they started using it.  Several pet parents were happy that their pets actually enjoyed being deshedded with the tool. 

Stephen S. Hamilton, the creator of Shed Be Gone gives advice on the best use of the tool.  One suggestion is to start deshedding from
the rear of your pet's back and move up with the deshedder towards the neck.  Hamilton's second, very
important, tip is not to spend too long in one area, because your pet's
skin can get irritated.

Hamilton created Molly E
Inc. to market Shed Be Gone and other products he wants to
develop.  Molly E is Hamilton's daughter.  The inspiration for Shed Be Gone is his cocker spaniel, Maggie.

Shed Be Gone is selling at Amazon.com.


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