Pet Fit For Life Feather Wand

Pet Fit For Life Feather Wand


The way cats react to feathers flying around on a string above their heads, or crawling along the floor in front of them - very, very slowly and unpredictably - you just know they secretly pray for feather toys. Pet Fit For Life makes a Feather Wand that any feline bird watcher would love. And to prove it, the product has more than 1,000 great reviews from cat parents.


Pet Fit For Life Feather Wand For Cats


No birds are injured in the process of making the artificial feathers that attach to the wand. Don't worry, the feathers are not real. But they look real and feel real, so that's what matters to your cat! The Wand is made in China for Pet Fit For Life, a U.S. company that sets the manufacturing specifications.

The feathers are exquisite, but the wand makes the real difference between the Pets Fit For Life Feather Wand and similar items. The wand is unbreakable fiberglass and it is extra long - 33 inches - coming apart for easy storage. The handle has a foam cover, making it comfortable for you to hold. The feathers attach to a cord, not a string, which makes the toy more durable.  I especially like the little jingle bell for helping to get your cat's attention.


Pet Fit For Life Feathered Cat Charmer

Pet Fit For Life Feather Wand


As a bonus, Pet Fit For Life provides you with some great advice about how to make sure your cat gets exercise. It's called A Cat's Tale: Keeping Your Cat Fit Can Be Fun - Here's How. The book is downloadable for free with purchase of the Pet Fit For Life Feather Wand.


If you think two feathers and a cat care book are not enough, or your cat believes the feathers are real birds and destroys them, don't worry. Pet Fit For Life makes a super beautiful package of replacement feathers that will fit any brand of pole you may happen to have. This assortment has also received outstanding praise from cat parents!


Pet Fit For Life Multi Piece Replacement Feathers Pack

Pet Fit For Life Replacement Feathers (+ Furry Tail) For Cat Wands


Cats enjoy cat wands all their lives. They love surprises. So it's never too early or too late to introduce or re-introduce your cat to the sweet surprise of a cat teaser!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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