The Pet Cremation Urn Keeper from Petcoti is a beautiful and respectful way to memorialize your dear departed pet.

Designed to hold a small (65mm x 75mm, or about 2.5 by 3 inches) urn containing Fifi or Fido's ashes, the house-shaped and house-friendly “tomb” can be personalized with a photo and inscription.



Measuring 11cm x 12.5cm x 14cm (roughly 4.3 by 4.0 by 5.5 inches) and weighing 2.9kg or about 6.4 pounds, this Pet Cremation Urn Keeper features attractive polished granite tile panels in your choice of Ebony Black, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl or Blue Antique.


The front of the memorial is highlighted by a clear plexiglass panel that can be removed by loosening four thumbscrews. This allows for the addition of a photo of your pet in his or her better days. Above that on the memorial's plinth there's space for a short inscription – typically the pet's name and lifespan – that can be rendered in three different fonts, in both English and Japanese. Sorry, Comic Sans is not available.