Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper Cat Toy

Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper


If you can get these Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper Cat Toys to your kitty before your toddlers see them, your kitty's in luck. They are perfect for cats, but don't think your kids and dogs won't want to get ahold of them.

Why? Because they wiggle like a pickle and flop like a flipping shark and what dog or kid doesn't have his curiousity aroused by that?

Nothing, though, like the intense curiousity of a cat, who stalks her prey quietly, studying it, mesmerized by its movements, until she can predict them.... Then, she pounces! 

And after she pounces, she bats, grabs, rocks, and rolls with her catnip and silvervined-stuffed Wiggle Pickle or Shimmy Shark. 


 Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper

 Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper


But what makes these cat toys wiggle and shimmy?

It's the built-in motion sensor, smartly activated every time your cat touches the toy! (Don't you love technology? In this case it's giving you a break from having to motivate your cat!)

You see the white strip of hook-and-loop material on the side of the "Pickle" in the image above?

Well, when you open that pocket you'll find a stash of premium catnip and silvervine! But you'll also find the Pickle's (or the Shark's) little "motor" - a USB-chargeable battery with a built-in motion detector so the Pickle, or the Whale, doesn't waste its energy when your cat is idle. (These toys are real smart!)


Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle and Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper


You can easily charge the Shark and Pickle Flipper Floppers with the enclosed USB cable. Easy peasy.



Kittens and cats not only enjoy the flips and flaps and the sweet, minty smell of silvervine and catnip, but the tick-tocking sounds of the Shark and Pickle as they move. They also have an enticing crinkle in their tails!

Even though your dog or child might want to explore these toys, the Pet Craft Supply Shark and Pickle Flipper Floppers are totally cat-centered. With that in mind, you might consider one or both Flipper Flopper toys as gifts for every cat you know!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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