Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo

Pet Craft Supply Calming Bed and Blanket Combo


When I unwrapped the Pet Craft Supply Ultra Soft Calming Pet Bed and Blanket, my first reaction was "The heck with my dog! I'm going to nap in this bed!" And I did plop myself down right in the middle of it. 

It is so soft and cushy that I can appreciate what the bed means to my newly adopted dog, Edie. She took to it immediately!

Below is Edie in her new Pet Craft Supply Calming Bed and Blanket Combo. (The blanket is tucked under her!)


Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo

My dog, Edie, in her medium Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo 


The bed and the blanket are as soft as can be. Made of vegan faux fur, right in line with PETA's guidelines for pet fabrics, the fibers are so thick you might ignore the fact that they cover an orthopedic quality shredded foam mattress. Shredded foam offers terrific support, and if the bed should ever become 'lopsided,' you can just shake it out to get it back into shape! You can't do that with a solid piece of foam.


Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo

Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo


No doubt, the bed and blanket are winners from my dog's point of view; from my perspective it's also a winner:

1. The Calming Bed is made with attention to detail - not just in how it looks, but how it's made. It's clear that considerable thought and testing went into developing the bed, and Pet Craft doesn't seem to have cut corners as some manufacturers might. If your dog is not destructive, it is made to last a long time.

2. Its cover is washable. Just by unzipping the faux fur on the underside of the bed, you can remove its cover and throw it in the washing machine along with the blanket. In the photo below you see the center cover, but there is another zipper around the inside of the ring, so the whole case can be removed and cleaned.


Pet Craft Supply Plush Calming Bed


3. The cover and blanket are also machine dryable. Actually, they should be dried in a drying machine, as that will restore the faux fur to its original and intended texture. According to Pet Supply Co., you and your pet will be very disappointed if you line-dry the cover.

4. Another benefit of taking the covers off this Pet Craft pet support bed is that removing the outer layer allows you to fluff-up the insides. Air them out, if you like, but not in the sunJust shaking them a bit will restore them to their original balance. 

5. The bed is great for cats and dogs and especially great for pets who have orthopedic problems. (If they don't have them now, they will as they age.)


Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo

6. The Bed is non-skid, so you can place it on a carpeted or bare floor without worrying about it sliding around; and

7. The Bed is very light weight for its size (We have the Medium bed, the largest size Pet Supply makes in this model of pet bed.)

8. If you buy the medium size bed, you can always take your nap in the Bed if your pet is not around. It is very cozy.


While we're on the subject of size, the Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed and Blanket Combo comes in three sizes: 


Pet Supply Co Donut Comforting Bed

Pet Craft Supply Donut Calming Bed

Additional measurements for each bed are available at this Amazon link.  Check out the full measurements of the beds because, even though small pets can fit in the medium bed, you want your pets to be cozy in the bed so it will give them support in the right places. My dog is about the size of a golden retriever and she fits perfectly into the MEDIUM size. 


If you have a small to medium pet, you should also check out Pet Craft's Soho Round Memory Foam Bed review here!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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